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Durum WHEAT pasta 


Casarecce are native of Sicily but also characteristic of other regions of Central Southern Italy. This appetising shape, whose name evokes an antique home-made origin, is an interpretation of the "pasta busiata" which is of Arabian origin obtained with a "bus", a slender cane of a plant that was once used to wrap pieces of dough in.

Casarecce are wrapped around themselves like small rolls of parchment, folded towards the tip in a characteristic gutter shape that collects the sauce right down to the last drop. Their smooth and delicately porous surface are great for all sauces, from the traditional to the simpler ones.

Thanks to their texture, which goes perfectly with all sauces, Casarecce extol all the flavours and colours of good eating.

For a pasta that even its name evokes an atmosphere of cherished moments, Barilla proposes sauces of an antique origin, based on typically Mediterranean ingredients such as aubergines, tomatoes, ricotta and basil wisely combined to make Casarecce alla Norma, full of flavour and inviting.

And then there's the decidedly sea-like recipe with squid and fresh cherry tomatoes, extolled ideally by the rough surface of the Casarecce.


1 Kilogram
    • Durum WHEAT Semolina Pasta
    • Water
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