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Durum WHEAT pasta 


Trofie, one of the most loved and appreciated shapes in Liguria, they take their name from the word "strofissià" which, in Genoese dialect means to rub, by the hands movement. The home-made method, in fact, starts with tiny pieces of dough about as big as a bean which are then rubbed by hand on the top of a chest or simply between your hands, until you have elongated pieces with the ends thinner than the middle. Thanks to their tapered and twisted shape, Trofie have a very particular texture that makes each bite an enjoyment for the palate and they hold the sauce excellently; ideal for simple and tasty dishes. To appreciate their flavour to the full, Barilla suggests trying them with vegetable sauces and in particular with the elective recipe of the Ligurian culinary tradition: pesto, maybe with the addition of potatoes and green beans for a timeless dish with an intense fragrance and delicate flavour that you will fall in love with.


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1 Kilogram
    • Durum WHEAT Semolina Pasta
    • Water
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