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It is a whole-muscle salume, dry cured, and typically sliced very thinly. It is similar to the more widely known cured ham or prosciutto, because they are both pork-derived cold-cuts used in similar dishes. It is not brined as ham typically is.


Available in a vacuum packed.


This product is refrigerated.

Product cannot be shipped by courier at this time.

Collection and Delivery available only for CHESTER AREA (3 miles from our Shop).


1 Kilogram
  • NO ALLERGENS REPORTED from our suppliers


    • Pork meat
    • Salt
    • Dextrose
    • Spices
    • Erbs
    • Antioxidant:E301
    • Preservatives: E250, E252Pork meatSaltDextroseSpicesErbsAntioxidant:E301Preservatives: E250, E252
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