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Durum WHEAT pasta 

They are called "malloreddus" in their land of origin, Sardinia, which literally means "small bulls" and are considered the Sardinian's typical dish par excellence. Barilla's experience has seen to it that Gnocchetti Sardi take us back immediately to antique flavours and good traditions which have never changed. The real speciality of these small gnocchi is their size, studied to give an inimitable texture and their scored surface, which used to be made by squashing the tiny pieces of dough with your thumb against the bottom of a wicker basket, called "ciurili" but today grooved chopping board is used. Barilla suggests trying these Gnocchetti Sardi with traditional recipes, combining them with meat sauces or others with the fresh consistency of ricotta. They will always be a tasty first dish, the important thing is though is never go without a good sprinkling of pecorino. Dedicated to those who love Sardinian regional cuisine.


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1 Kilogram
    • Durum WHEAT Semolina Pasta
    • Water
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