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Forno Bonomi AMARETTI Biscuits.
They can be found all over Italy, and often called "biscotti da credenza", meaning biscuits that can be left out on the kitchen sideboard for a long time, always ready as a quick, occasional snack.


The unmistakable flavour of italian amaretti, while reminiscent of childhood, never ceases to impress each time you open the packet.

Wonderful both as the highlight of breakfast and the star attraction in your desserts.


Amaretti are small biscuits much loved and widespread in many Italian regions.

The Italian word "amaro" means "bitter," and as these little biscuits are flavoured with bitter almonds, they were called "amaretti" - literal translation "the little bitter ones."




1 Kilogram
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  • Ingredients:

    • Sugar,
    • Apricot kernels 15%,
    •  Pasteurized EGG white,
    • Maize flour,
    • Wheat flour,
    • Rice Flour and whole wheat flour
    • raising agents (sodium carbonate acid, ammonium carbonate acid),
    • natural flavourings.

    May contain traces of:

    • MILK derivatives,
    • almonds and shelled fruits (NUTS).
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