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The classic hazelnut pleasure

Three crispy wafers and two layers of delicious Napolitaner cream filling with exquisite Italian hazelnuts make this Classic Napolitaner an absolute best-seller.

For Loacker cream, Loacker use exclusively Italian hazelnuts which are freshly roasted on-site at Loacker.

Thanks to the “Italian Hazelnut Orchards” project, Loacker grows and selects these precious fruits, supporting their farmers and the local economy.



Loacker wafers are the essence of pure goodness and they represent the best of Loacker.

Their meticulous preparation was first refined with masterly skill by Alfons Loacker and later by his son Armin, who preserved and enhanced the original recipe.



Falling in love with hazelnuts is only natural, and even more so if they're Italian. Here at Loacker, we know we need to choose Italian hazelnuts, the ones with the most generous aroma.



True to tradition, only top-quality grains are ground in mills that are close to us at Loacker, where the air and water are pure and the entire process is subject to the strictest quality protocols.


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100 Grams
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  • Crispy wafers with hazelnut cream filling (75%).


    • wheat flour,
    • coconut oil,
    • glucose syrup,
    • sugar, 
    • hazelnuts 11% in the cream filling,
    • whey powder (milk),
    • skimmed milk powder, 
    • soy flour,
    • fat-reduced cocoa, 
    • barley malt extract,
    • raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, disodium diphosphate),
    • salt,
    • emulsifier soy lecithins,
    • spices,
    • Bourbon vanilla pods.

    May contain:

    • peanuts
    • almonds
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