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All the Balocco passion in a soft and delicate Pandoro prepared with high quality fresh Italian milk, eggs from free-range hens, respecting the traditional recipe.


Traditional pandoro made with butter and eggs.

Includes a sachet of icing sugar for dusting.


Pandoro with a soft dough made with high quality fresh Italian milk, eggs from free-range hens and enriched with Sicilian lemon Cream.

Classic pandoro Veronese. Soft, naturallyleavened dough made with butter and eggs.
The weight includes the sachet of fine sugar.


Balocco products are crafted using recipes deeply rooted in Balocco’s family history. For generations, the caring touch that sets them apart has been transformed into products that bring flavour to every household. Balocco is very attentive to the selection of raw materials as well as the sustainability of its products.

That’s why Balocco is devoted to respecting animal welfare, using only barn eggs for all their products. Balocco’s hand-crafted glaze, made to the original recipe, is obtained by milling whole Italian hazelnuts and mixing them with sugar, egg white and rice flour.


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1 Kilogram
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  • Ingredients:

    • WHEAT flour,

    • fresh egg 20.7% from free-range hens,

    • sugar

    •  butter

    • natural yeast (wheat flour - water - yeast)

    •  emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids,

    • salt

    • fresh pasteurized milk 1.8%

    •  flavouring.

    • butter of cocoa.

    Packet of fine sugar (sugar - wheat starch - flavorings).

    May contain traces of:

    • NUTS,
    • peanuts
    • SOY

    The ingredients highlighted can provoke reactions in allergic or intolerant people.


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