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First quality italian smoked scamorza.

Smoked scamorza is an Italian Pasta Filata Cheese typical of central and southern Italy.


Scamorza, whose name derives from "capa mozza" that is severed head, is a semicruda cheese and yarn, made with cow's milk, sheep's milk or buffalo. Smoking is given by exposing the scamorza to the fumes of wet straw.

The smoked scamorza of Latteria Sorrentina is an Italian Pasta Filata Cheese that is made only with the best milk and top quality ingredients.

It is a cheese with an intense and genuine flavor that can be enjoyed both in the fresh and smoked version.

There is no limit to the goodness of the smoked scamorza of Latteria Sorrentina:

it is excellent accompanied by a simple piece of bread,

served on a platter of cold cuts and cheeses,

combined with a good wine or as an added ingredient to make dishes with a special flavor.


Just one bite of our smoked scamorza is enough and you can no longer do without it: it is a cheese that cannot and must not be missing in your kitchen.


This product is refrigerated.

Product cannot be shipped by courier at this time.

Collection and Delivery available only for CHESTER AREA (3 miles from our Shop).


1 Kilogram
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  • Italian Pasta Filata Cheese/Smoked spun cheese

    The processing of scamorze performed by Latteria Sorrentina is exclusively made with Italian milk. The processing follows the Campania tradition for a product of absolute quality.


    • Pasteurized MILK,

    • salt,

    • rennet,

    • lactic ferments.

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