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Durum WHEAT pasta 

As the name implies, Spaghettini belong to the Spaghetti family, compared to which they have a smaller diameter.

Barilla thanks to experience, perfectly functioning Spaghettini, a delicate consistency without giving up the pleasure of good pasta al dente.

The thinner thickness makes cooking faster and makes them suitable for light sauces. A versatile and tempting format to always keep in your pantry.


Just like their bigger brothersSpaghetti,

Spaghettini are extremely versatile as a basis for everyday cooking but they know how to change into specialities with the highest culinary value: simply vary the sauce, tantalizing them with some exquisite ingredient so they become the star on the table on special occasions.


Thin and light, thanks to Barilla's experience, Spaghettini stay perfectly firm once cooked: a certainty for who loves the delicate texture of this antique long shaped pasta without sacrificing the pleasure of good "al dente" pasta.

Oil sauces, that keep this type of pasta light, are the traditional sauces for Spaghettini.


IDEAL WITH ... Sauces with oil, which do not weigh down the wriggling shape.

Gourmets gladly associate them with spicy condiments, typical of Southern cuisine, while for a dish with a sure result try them with clams. If you are looking for a special recipe, combine the delicate taste of carp with the aromas of thyme, bay leaf and a hint of lively chilli.


Barilla, masters of pasta since 1877, their one and only passion has been pasta and they increase their know-how to make great AL DENTE pasta, today and tomorrow.


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1 Kilogram
  • Durum WHEAT Semolina Pasta

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